Dec 17, 2009


Well, 2009 is drawing to a close. I have to say, probably just as I do every year, that 2009 positively flew by. But this year, it really did.

In January, we saw history unfold before our eyes with a new Presidential family in the White House, in the span of about a week, I made friends with a rap star, did some literary masterminding with CCLaP's Jason Pettus, got my car burgled and drove Lake Shore Drive near midnight with Leah Jones in 2-degree weather and no windows laughing about it.

In Fabruary, local author Ben Tanzer and I made a silly red carpet video, read at RUI for the first time during AWP, which was hosted in Chicago in 2009 and I made the first of a handful of videos for a shoe company.

In March, I spent a great day in a highrise loft at a fashion trunk show, made another video for a shoe company, Sleepover 2.0 happened and assumed the #1 spot on UStream and the UStream iPhone app for over 26,000 viewers. And, Leah got Edgar'd. And, my face was on Panasonic's homepage for a spell. My harddrive crashed and was replaced, and I reviewed Rachel Toor's book for HellaSound, which resulted in a correspondence with Toor that I do so treasure. In my volunteering with Red Cross, I also had an adventure at a crack den.

In April, I had a birthday that, in a strange way, changed the way I will approach birthdays forever. Leah Jones and I went on an incredible roadtrip to Nashville and back courtesy Ford-Lincoln, The Perch coffeehouse, Hotel Preston and a lot of cool people in the social media world. I also had a piece included in the Six Sentences Vol. 2 anthology.

In May, while most of the month was busy ramping up for Pilcrow Lit Fest, I also started blogging for ChicagoNow with Chicago Subtext, covering local, literary goings-on.

In June, I joined up as co-host of Reading Under the Influence, my story "Feet In Socks" was nominated for a Five Star award and I interviewed a bunch of local authors at Printers Row Lit Fest.

In July, I started working full-time at the Chicago Tribune, both as life & style community manage for ChicagoNow, and as digital coordinator for Chicago Tribune's book section.

In August, I did "that card thing" again, this time for family friend, Laurel. I also, to the delight of Razorbacks everywhere, stood atop the Tribune Tower with said Arkansas mascot on my head.

In September, I left ChicagoNow and moved over the Chicago Tribune books full-time. It was also in September when Oprah Winfrey took over Michigan Ave. just below my dear office tower, which made for quite a day.

In October, despite being on a crutchety-caney thing, did my best to still finish the Chicago Marathon, I read at Witty Women Writers again this year and near month's end, I did slip to Montana with my brother for a few days, and managed to have an adventure getting there.

In November, I went to DFW for a dear friend's wedding, then to Louisiana to be with my grandparents for maybe one of my favorite visits with them ever, despite it being far too short. I also finished NaNoWriMo, which made me happy.

In December, well, so far this month, I've been working hard, and thinking hard about the new year. I think I have a good batch of resolutions cooking. What are yours?

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