Feb 22, 2009


Ah, the glamor of awards season...the parties, the sparkly gowns! All of that is all well and good, but my favorite parts of awards season involve both red carpet interviews and acceptance speeches live via satellite. Why is this? No idea. I simply do. And, so when I was invited by the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography to be a part of Ben Tanzer's virtual book tour-- and mere hours after the Oscar after-parties were tossing out the last of the papparazzo!-- well, I saw a golden opportunity staring me in the face. Ladies and gentlemen, girls, guys and otherwise, I give you a live from the red carpet of Ben Tanzer's virtual blog tour interview featuring Ben Tanzer live via satellite (sort of), in which we discuss pants, books, publishing, and many other things, and in which he gives a brief reading from his latest release, Repetition Patterns.


Ben Tanzer said...

Many thanks La Guth for your time and hospitality. I will be happy to return the favor any time.

John Kuttenberg said...


Amy Guth said...

BT: Gladly! Visit again anytime.

JK: Thank you!