Aug 22, 2009


Hi friends,

Some of you who have known me a long time already know all about this "card thing" I do. But, some of you are new around here, so let's review.

Years ago, when my friend Rita was undergoing treatment for Leukemia, I thought it might be fun to see how many people I could convince to mail card to her. Tons of friends responded, and friends of theirs responded and so on, and I gave Rita quite a collection of cards and notes and drawings. Since then, I've done this a few additional times when friends and friends of friends have been seriously ill, and I've heard that the my "card thing" has been duplicated a degree away.

Family friend, Laurel C., needs some love. She is being treated a second time for ovarian cancer and is very, very sick. She has an incredible, positive, beautiful attitude in all this, is a very talented writer and much-loved teacher.

So, here is the one very, very simple thing I am asking of you:

I'm asking each of you to take five minutes, this weekend, and write her a note. No, no, I know that you don't know her. That's that point. Just take a sec, write her a note or a card, and drop it in the mail. Not later, not in a few weeks, but asap. It can be a funny card, a letter, a postcard, a cool quote, a drawing from your kid (or you), a smiley written on a post-it, a "thinking of you", whatever. Just mail it and let's fill her mailbox with thumbs-ups.

Tweet or email me for the mailing address, if you are interested.

Remember: asap.

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