May 30, 2009


Pilcrow was a complete delight. The photos can tell it best. One of my favorite moments involved yours truly leaping atop a bar to squeeze the crowd in the Literary Death Match/Rebuilt Books Auction to make a cool grand for Young Chicago Authors.

Unfortunately, I emerged with a cold, so I've quarantined myself as best I can in the week since. I did, however score a sweet vintage Peugeot bike (Le Craigsliste, J'adore).

Also this week, over on Chicago Subtext, my new local and literary blog on the Chicago Now blog network, I got Between Covers with Two Men Named Charles, highlighted some Chicago literary events this weekend and early next week, and shared a cool songs-inspired-by-literature video I found. I do enjoy comments over there, so come say hello and add your two cents if you would.

Okay, back to convalescing.

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little miss gnomide said...

So sorry to hear that you're sick. Hope you recover soon. Glad to hear you got a kick-ass bike. I love vintage bikes.