Feb 11, 2009


Lots of writerly business today:

Thanks to all who came out for Reading Under The Influence Wednesday night for the special RUI v. AWP: Battle of teh Acronyms edition. That is a seriously fun time, that series. Also, it was beyond time I told the story of the day I ran into Morrissey and scared him accidentally, and my essay describing the afternoon went over pretty well, I'd say.

Then last night, I went over to the Dzanc party at Flatfile Gallery, which was fabulous.

Brand-new Pilcrow Lit Fest site is up.

The authors included in Six Sentences, Volume 2 have just been announced, and I'm in, along with a few folks I know. So New and Word Riot author David Gianatasio, Heather Leet, Shelly Rae Rich and Jason Jordan. Most excellent news. Catch that in March. And, apparently, word on the street anyway, is that there are more author names that'll be announced for special sections of the book, so that's fun.

Speaking of Word Riot, was just chatting with WR's Jackie Corley about World Takes by Timmy Waldron (out soon) and Midnight Picnic by Nick Antosca (out in days, but pre-order is up now). Eyes peeled for those.

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Dave Clapper said...

Was great hearing you read, Amy. I enjoyed the hell out of RUI. I need to write those folks to ask if they'd mind if I stole their format and brought it to Seattle.