Mar 12, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhhh, my laptop is back home, complete with a new hard drive. Back up your data, fine people. That can't be stressed enough. Mercy. I did, and I'm very glad. Restoring data after a hard drive death is a drag, but without a backup, getting back up and running would be downright traumatic.

Now, got put on a clean shirt and comb your hair and stop over at HellaSound to say hello. Why? Two reasons. First, yours truly has a book review up over there. No, no, not one of my books. I reviewed a book. And it's there. At HellaSound. Yes. Secondly, HellaSound now has some of its fancy running music available. Customize it to your pace, check it out, put it in your cart and do your thing.


David said...

I gotta backup!!1

Mark R Brand said...

I've often wondered if I would be able to control myself against the urge to run into a burning building to retrieve my laptop if the need arose.

I have a giant spool of DVD hard copy backups and a once-a-week second hard-drive. I've had to reload windows OS so many times that I just assume every computer is about five minutes from crapping out at any given moment.

You have a Mac, though right? Those are trickier.