Feb 5, 2009


My guest video post is up at OnlineShoes.tv. Do comb your hair, put on a clean shirt and stop by and check it out when you have a moment.

(Tip: let it completely load before you hit play, else the sound will have a slight delay. No big whoop.)


Mike Whitney said...

Mysophobic Optimist on a Talk Show

Her shoe closet was alphabetically arranged by designer, bagged Manolos on the top right. The larger room was all clothes, perfectly arranged with short sleeved blouses flowing into long sleeved; skirts were by length and color, light to dark; slacks were distributed evenly on identical wooden clamp hangers and were by casual to dressy.

She would go into a man's apartment, and if there were dirty dishes in the sink, she would put on rubber gloves and wash them: her philosophy was boys will be pigs but are capable of learning. In that way, she was a mysophobic optimist. Indeed, she was as a teacher in her attitude, yet did not judge.

This behavior could be thought odd, but from an attractive young woman wearing a micro skirt and low top, smiling coyly at the host, it was, of course, adorable.

We'll be right back with Christina Ricci, but first these messages.
-- Random thoughts on her Leno appearance, May 6, 2008

posted on 6S just now. Welcome, love your work, kudos on new book. mike

gurdonark said...

just happened by in the surfing way we all do. I enjoyed your video.