Nov 30, 2007


I just hopped on to wish Rational Leftist Yom Huledet Sameach/Happy Birthday and as I started digging through the news to say something like "not only do we celebrate Retardation Awareness Day, but we also can wish Rational Leftist..." I realized that, dude! Evil Kinevel has died. Just now. Evil Kinevel. Dead. On Rational Leftist's birthday. Well, anyway, go over and see him in a Mexican wrestling mask, glasses and a kippah and wish him a happy day.

Well, my head is spinning with wrestling masks, and Evil Kinevel now. Oy vey, what can I possibly add?

The editing has started on Katie Schwartz's manuscript. She delivered it unto me, and I got right down to biznass on it. How excited are you for her book to come out? Well, you can't possibly be more excited that I am, but you should be pretty excited. Because it's going to rule.

Strangely, I am confined-ish to my apartment and rather glad. You see, the tale goes something like this. Tuesday morning, I took my car to the dealership to get it serviced and to address a tiny little issue. I don't let myself get ripped off by mechanics, so I usually go to them, but this was a recurring thing and I wanted it fixed for good with the right parts and blah blah. Howevah, my 50,000-mile warranty just, just, just expired so naturally the car falls to shit. Anyway. Through the course of the week, it has been determined that the source of this minor issue was one of those "the foot bone's connected to the leg bone, the leg bone's connected to the... rebuilding of the whole fucking engine" sort of deals, so blah blah, I balked at the original total and have arrived at a more mutually agreeable total. And by "balked" I mean of course, "put on gloves, cracked my knuckles, sneered like Billy Idol, and put on my razzle dazzle negotiating shoes and got some shit worked out." Anyway, when the poor service rep called the tell me it would be Monday before the shit was all finished, and after I'd given him my reasons he'd have to come up with a better total plus some good perks, I realized I'm home and carless all weekend.

And, instead of being pissed like I assumed I would, and instead of renting one, I was thrilled and relieved. It means I can hit my deadline this weekend without ahhj. It means uninterrupted catch-up. It means I can plow through all that's on my plate and emerge re-organized and on top of the game again. And that is my favorite feeling evah.

Plus, tonight's high temperature is going to be 23 degrees, tomorrow there is a winter storm watch with a high of 32, and Sunday a low of 18 degrees. So, you know what? I don't want to leave my digs anyhow.

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Wings - john k said...

Ok Guth, since I am sitting in my lovely UP Michigan paradise where it was between 0 and -10 wind chill last night I don't want to hear any complaining about the temp.

Now to what I really am writing about.

Since YOUR editor had to pound on you to eliminate 2/3 of your uses of the word "shit" out of TFW (as nouns, adjectives and adverbs) who is going to look out for Katie's over abundant use of the blue side of the English language? Any one who has read "From Oy to Vey" knows colorful is a gross under statement when it comes to describing Katie's vocabulary.