Nov 28, 2007


Oh, here's another lit goodie today. James Stegall, the man who took every word of my Three Fallen Women and washed and dried them and set them up to dry in just the right order, wrote a really great piece for Nerve. Please read it. You'll love it. I dare you to read the first three paragraph and not get completely sucked in with lines like, "This is a pornography of regret..."

Also, have you voted for Elijah Hartman? My dear ol' friend from way back, Dezzabooty, is counting on us. Uh, and she might cut me if I don't make all of you vote for him. Anyway, hit this gap site and vote for this kid. (He looks so tough, but, hi can I tell you? This boy has got the best manners and is so smart and loves his Ma to bits.)

I'm looking at his picture and cracking myself up. It seems like forever ago that is his Ma and I were loud-mouthed Manhattan bartender fashionistas and hiding tip money in our bras.


Bubs said...

Oh my God, that Lands End piece was something. I know exactly what that guy's talking about. Whew.

Anonymous said...

I love you! Thanks for the support..great words and you are just amazing.. I hope your viewers listen and do vote!