Dec 1, 2007


Oh, for the love! There has been a LifeSource Bloodmobile parked and running across the street from my building all day. Everytime I look out the window (and it's hard not to be looking out a window in this place) I see it! Sitting there! Running! Doing things with blood and needles! It makes my feet and wrists weak. I've seen bodies, I've seen a bloody corpse exactly twice and that's not creepy. It's the needle part. Oy vey, I can't deal. The crule irony is that there is a beautiful snow shower happening in Chicago today, so I'm inclined to keep my curtains open to watch the snow. But the bloodmobile! Damnit.

So, what's new, let's see. Comcast still sucks worse than the suckiest suck that ever sucked a suck. Getting my bill to me regularly has proved a huge task for them over the past two and a half-years at this address. Anyway, I called today to bitch about my interwebs being down and also to pay my bill since I had them on the phone and so I don't forget next week when it is actually due (I remember these things, since the bills arrive only occasionally), and realized they assess a $4 fee for paying your bill while speaking to an operator. Douches. I'm no cheapass, but that seems a bit much. Bitchass operator made me hang up, call back and redial to avoid paying the $4. So shady.

My house is clean. My To Do List is getting shorter. The snow is falling. Other than the Bloodmobile in front of my digs, today is gorgeous.

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