Nov 12, 2007


Hi all. I'm working from a cafe tonight near my apartment. A couple was in here before breaking up, which I found weird. I was glad to have my earbuds with me rather than hear their strange, dramatic final moments. There was a break in their conversation, well, a lull that had a strange moment in it but then lulled again and went back to the breaking up. But, the lull conversation was about whether or not Chanukah was the holiday with the "spinny candles" or the "matzoh or whatever". They left, I suppose properly broken up, and were replaced with another couple that might be the loudest two people I've come across lately. Braying, people. This woman is braying.


Speaking of holidays-- what are you fine people doing for Thanksgiving? I'm doing the usual. Community kitchen with my peeps. Cook, serve, clean-up and, can I tell you, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love hearing about unusual holiday traditions that people come up with and how they came up with them or evolved them or whatnot. Point being, let's hear it. What do youse do for Thanksgiving?

Let's see, what else is the haps today? I suppose that's it for today. There was this very weird fog over Chicago all day that smelled like ocean and felt like a sauna. The morning was warm, then it chilled as the day went on. So weird. Anyway, I kept my head down and worked all day on odds and ends and am super happy tonight about that.

My Jewcy post is up today, of course. Todays' topic is about an organization that addresses domestic violence in Jewish homes, particularly addressing young girls to educate them about financial independence from their partners, recognizing dynamics of healthy/unhealthy relationships and the like. Good organization. Anyway, I wrote a little round up about it.

Speaking of writing-- thank all of you who wrote such kind emails to me about the tiny sneak preview of my second novel. Very nice of you and, hello I am human, so positive feedback certainly gives me a lift.

I've got to get out of this cafe. Even earbuds full of Beethoven can't tune out this crazy donkey laugh this woman has going on next to me. HUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKKHAHAHAHAHA Daaaaaavid, you're so funnnnnnyyyyyyyy! HHUUUUNNNNKKKK! Think Fran Drescher meets, well, yeah, a donkey. Gahhhd.

(Local bands, I give you full permission to use "earbuds full of Beethoven" as you see fit.)

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