Aug 6, 2007


This is a good morning, I could just tell when I woke up. Strong, good coffee and sourdough toast with good butter might be my favorite way to start a weekday. I have a busy day today, my chickadees. But, you know, let's start the week off with a little good-doing, yes?

Click here, and sponsors will donate free mammography to women who can't otherwise afford it. Just click. It only takes a second, it costs you nothing, you'll start your week out on a positive note and it'll mean the world to the woman someplace you'll be helping. Blammo! So easy.

In other news, my folks are on a little trip and I am 99.9% sure they drunk dialed me last night. I also had a dream that to "better represent its political stance" the Canadian flag was blue and white instead of red and white. I dream about flags a lot. Wonder what that means?

I still cannot find my ID.

What's new with all of youse?

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Hello from Julia said...

What's new is I found your blog (via Travel Gretta). I like it, I like it!