Aug 6, 2007


This is a good morning, I could just tell when I woke up. Strong, good coffee and sourdough toast with good butter might be my favorite way to start a weekday. I have a busy day today, my chickadees. But, you know, let's start the week off with a little good-doing, yes?

Click here, and sponsors will donate free mammography to women who can't otherwise afford it. Just click. It only takes a second, it costs you nothing, you'll start your week out on a positive note and it'll mean the world to the woman someplace you'll be helping. Blammo! So easy.

In other news, my folks are on a little trip and I am 99.9% sure they drunk dialed me last night. I also had a dream that to "better represent its political stance" the Canadian flag was blue and white instead of red and white. I dream about flags a lot. Wonder what that means?

I still cannot find my ID.

What's new with all of youse?


Bubs said...

This week is full of promise. I don't know why yet, but it does feel that way.

Good luck finding your ID.

Anonymous said...

Blue was considered for the flag in 1966 when Canada replaced the Union Jack(the UK).
Blue had too many French Quebec connotations for the Anglo ruling elite.

You might as well face it you're addicted to Soviet Canuckistan

Anonymous said...

You totally want my Canadian trouser snake don't you? You are in lust with Canada and all things Canadian.

Adam Deutsch said...

After you find the ID, can I recommend a hammock in your apartment?

Amy's Mom said...

It wasn't just us, but also friends of ours that know you. So it was a group drunk call. We were recalling funny stories about you and felt the need to connect. Sorry about the late hour and all the giggling.