Aug 4, 2007


I still love The Cure's Disintegration album so much. It takes me right back! While I was sitting here moments ago, merrily working away to said album, I looked out the window and was shocked to see a woman cleaning our her Very Expensive Car by tossing this shit out onto the street.

I opened the window and said Hey, what do you think you're doing, filthpig? and she shot a Mind your own business! at me and drove away. Unforchly, I didn't think to get her plate numbers and blog them for all of youse to see, but rest assured I will blog those digits like a mothahfuckah if she parks on my street again.


Al Sensu said...

What, you labeled "unforch" and not "filthpig"?

Love them both, but filthpig takes the prize. I've added that to the SED -- Sensu English Dicktionary

Amy Guth said...

Well, Filthpig is a word borrowed from another-- wait, I stole them both. Nevermind. Filthpig tag forthcoming.


Anonymous said...


I love that in a woman