May 20, 2007


Morrissey was wonderful, as always. He did a delightfully weird yoga bridge pose dance, he whipped the mic cord, he ripped off his shirt, he sang his little heart out, he smiled graciously to all parties involved when a burgundy shirt-clad fellow hopped up on stage and got pounced on by security, he sang all the songs I hoped he would, he generally, fucking rocked.

I gave business cards to the two men sitting in front of me, as I was able to see them both sneaking fantastic photos the whole show. I gave an honest plea for an emailed photo or two. If they email, I'll share if it's okay with them. Let's hope. C'mon, guys. I'll blog about your band/book/office/whatever and send you as many customers/sales as I can. Pleasepleaseplease. Hook a Morrissey-lovin' sister up.

Anyway, the show was wonderful. He played "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side", which I was thrilled to hear. I, yet again, nearly cried during "Everyday Is Like Sunday".

I'm only in Indy for the night, then I'm heading back to Chicago in the morning and hitting the ground running with a very busy day. If you're nearby, come say hello on Tuesday night as I read from Three Fallen Women at The Fixx with Timothy Schaffert as he reads from his new release, Devils In The Sugar Shop at 7:30pm.

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Leah said...

Damn. I'll be in New Joisey on Tuesday night. Drive safe on your way back to Chi-town.