May 20, 2007


Last night, I had a dream that I was returning to work at a mountain resort hotel that I had, apparently, worked in a couple of years ago. I came back as a manager of some kind, but was relying of old employees (who I was now supervising) to show me some ropes again.

Then, I went to the ladies' room and was looking into this huge ornate mirror and realized I had huge black hairs growing out of my chin before my very eyes, only they were making noise as they grew. I pickup up a tweezer on the vanity counter and plucked them, immediately stopping the noise from each as I pulled it out. Once they were plucked, I could remember everything about the way things were done at this resort and was brimming over with ideas on how to implement progress.

Surely an auspicious dream, no? Surely a dream of action? A call to step it up?

I woke up with my kitty sleeping in a ball on my hip. It is good to be in my apartment with my kitty, that's for sure.

In just a bit, however, I am heading back out. One more trip then I don't travel again until July when I go to Canada. This afternoon, I have a little bit of biznass to attend to in Indianapolis, and to my great delight...

...Morrissey is giving a show in Indianapolis tonight, as well, which I am obviously going to attend. So, I'm doing a little work and then having a little fun. As it should be.

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