May 10, 2007


I am now in north/central Texas. This trip, thus far, has been a really great one. I have a lot to share about Austin, my reading last night and my trek north today, but I'll have to do that a little later. After dinner with my brother and few cocktails, I'm fading.

For now, I offer this. Today, I heard three Amy-songs on the radio as I was driving. So, I consulted iTunes and realized there are far more. Behold!

Best Songs Containing The Name Amy
(Okay, Okay Probably ALL of the Songs Containing The Name Amy)

Once in Love With Amy/Frank Sinatra
Amy, Amy, Amy/Amy Winehouse
Amie/Pure Prairie League
Amy/Elton John
Miami, My Amy/Keith Whitley
Amy's Song/Switchfoot
Amy/Ryan Adams
Amy Hit The Atmosphere/Counting Crows
Amy/River City High
Amy, Tell Me Why/Track Star
Amy/Billy Redfield
Dear Amy/Quench
Amy/Richard Julian
She's No Amy/Ryan Turner
A Song For Amy/Jack Ingram
Amy with a Y/Concept:Bravery
Amy/Bongo Jones
Amy/Brittney Ellis
Amy, Amy/Danny Paola
Amy Fischer/Soul Coughing
Amy/The Bug
Amy/Neptune Crush
Amy Waits/Colby Logan
Amy/The Frauds
Amy/Al Jardine, Family and Friends
Amy/Kenny Blake
Amy/Eden Automatic
Amy/The Leftovers
Amy Never Misses/A Small Victory
To Amy With Love/Joackson Rohm
Amy/Chad Bradford
Amy/Celeste Krenz
Amy/Percy Faith and his Orchestra
Amy/Model One
Airline Amy/Weird Al Yankovic
Hello Amy/Michael Seymour
Amy/Rob Momary
Amy/Morty Shallman
Amy/Raymond and Scum
Amy/Barry Mann
Amy/Dirty Three
Amy/Riddle Me This
Amy In The White Coat/Bright Eyes
Eligy for Amy/Pat McGee Band
Amy/Georgia Blue Dogs
Happy Birthday Amy/Ingrid DuMosch
Amy/ Polarbears
Amy/The Orphan Project
Amy/Davey Hamilton
Hey Amy/In Stereo
Amy Grant/Young Fresh Fellows
Amy/-123 Min.
Amy/Ralph Jeffers
Hey Amy/Firecracker
Chasing Amy/Allister
Amy/Mark Lewis Quartet

Wow. Well, I suppose Amys have been causing trouble in the lives of many a songwriter, huh? Eh well. Get your mix CDs going, eh?

Nightey-night. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.................................

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