May 9, 2007


Due to a minor but unfortunate string of events, I have changed hotels. Let's just leave it at that. What can I say? You've got to speak up when things go awry and sometimes that clears the way for wild streaks of great luck. Anyway.

I went by Bookwoman this morning and said hello-- what a cute place! Another store I adore. I picked up a cook vegetarian book and a few fun stickers for my typewriter case (and one for my friend Schwartzy because it was so "her" I couldn't not get it). So great. I'm excited for the reading. It's small in there, so I have no idea where all the crowds and crowds of people will sit tonight (har har) but it'll be great. I just know it.

Anyway, the rain pissed off, the sun is beating down on this gorgeous city, and I am off to scrounge up some lunch and see what I see. I think an old favorite place of mine still exists near here. That'd be a kick.


Nicky said...

Have fun. Hope we'll get the dish on the hotel sitch when you get back. Have a good reading!

"jew" "girl" said...

you're such a honey, amers. as sweet as the day is long!