May 11, 2007


Okey doke. Let me bring you up to speed.

The reading at Bookwoman was lovely. The audience was a small one, but they were mighty. It lent a nice air of casualness and intimacy, as if friends were together chatting, so it was something new and a different way to do things, so a great time. Virginia of Virginiainc came out (and brought along her CDs to hand out, many thanks for mine, and was super-cool to meet and chat with beforehand), along with other fine people including an old friend, Primavera, who now calls Austin home.

After the reading, which I kept low-key and enjoyed, Primavera and I set out with the idea of some tattooage, but got sidetracked at a cool bar in her neighborhood, then dinner at Maiko Sushi (asparagus tempura roll? Yes, please.), then after dashing around in the rain, we settled in for more drinkage at The Ginger Man. I have to tell you, I haven't seen Primavera in fifteen years, but we had an incredible time hanging out. Really. I am almost stunned by how easily we chatted and laughed the night away, and I was delighted to discover how many things we have in common these days. I felt time spent with her was wonderful and meaningful and, needless to say, I am very glad Primavera and I are in touch again. She is just the kind of person moments aren't wasted upon. She does incredible work and lives life so wonderfully and fully and, well... the world could use a few more just like her, really. Or, we could all stand to learn from her. Maybe both.

In fact, we had such a lovely time hanging out that we decided to meet up again before I left town. So, we met up at Halcyon the next morning for latte. Love that place. Good, good times. I can't even really blog it justice. Something about hanging out with and really connecting with someone from my past gave me such a solid sense of clarity. It was comforting to hear another perspective on shared events from long ago that maybe help to shape me one way or another.

After a quick errand, I was on the road. The drive was mainly uneventful, except for spotting a funnel cloud threatening my car (no biggie, right?) and soon I arrived at my brother's house. We hung out a bit, he let me dig through his latest (breathtaking) photographs, I made him haul my heavy-ass bag out of the car, the rain caught up to me, we went to dinner at a kick ass Tex-Mex place, then held court in a chill neighborhood bar for a few hours before calling it a night and heading back to his place.

I woke up this morning on his couch with the television airing some Clive Barker adaptation that involved a little person cast as perhpas Pan's evil alter-ego who generally made himself a nuissance by boiling goldfish, scratching walls and summoning up a devil-guy. Uh, okay.

We're chillin' today. Something outdoors before the next wave of thunderstorms hit this afternoon.


"jew" "girl" said...

sounds like a perfect memory :)

Johnny Yen said...

There's a Ginger Man in Austin? The one in Chicago used to be a haunt of mine.

Sounds like a great time! I've always heard great things about Austin.