Mar 6, 2007


Just a little business to deal with first:

I hope to see your smiling face at a reading this month. You know butts in seats make me glad, after all.

Bookslut Reading Series 7:30pm
(with Joanna Scott and Binnie Kirschenbaum)
Stop Smiling Storefront
1371 North Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL

March 21st:
The Book Cellar 7pm
(with my BFF Elaine Soloway and Rick Karlin)
4736-38 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL

March 28th-April 1st:
New Orleans/Tennessee Williams Literary Festival
New Orleans, LA
*I'll be speaking on a panel, "Orpheus Ascending: First Books, New Voices" with Jennifer Paddock, John Pritchard, and Sidney Thompson on Saturday 3/31 at 10am, will be giving at reading on 4/1, and will moderate the "Writing Outside the Box: Outrageous Fiction" panel featuring Ace Atkins, John Pritchard, and Sydney Thompson.

Great, now that we have that worked out, I have absolutely nothing to update you about. I worked, I read, I slept, I ate, I played hide and seek with Yiddishe Katze, I went to the museum and geeked about the Gregor Mendel mess, cleaned a little, lined up the next round of projects, ya ya ya.

Anyway, who's coming out to a reading this month, eh? You know, at one of my readings, a couple hooked up and is still living living happily ever after. I'm just saying. You might meet your future Pooh-Bear, or a new BFF. C'mon. Wouldn't hurt to get out a little.


Chris said...

Oh cool. I can actually go to the bookslut reading, because it's sort of in the area of my office and my Thursday night writers' group, which starts at 8:30. I'm always looking for a way to kill an hour or two before the writers' group.

Nicky said...

The Northeast is clamoring for another reading.

What say you, Fair Lady of the Great Lake? (That was in my Shakespearean old lady voice).

diane said...

I'm a definite *maybe* on Thursday--depends on my transit options.
But the Book Cellar? Totally in!!