Mar 5, 2007


Oh snap! We have a winner. "The Prosecutor" chimed in yesterday with:

I asked: Why is Last Good Day of The Year by Cousteau a significant song to me?

The Prosecutor answered: "You wrote the first draft of Three Fallen Women with that song looping over and over on repeat"


I asked: Name three venues where I have held readings...?

The Prosecutor answered: "Camp Trans, Hart, MI; Quimby's, Chicago, IL; and Symposium Books, Providence, RI."

Correct again! And, a bonus point for naming the cities, too.

I asked: What are the names of the three women in my book, Three Fallen Women?

She answered: "Helen, Carmen, & Frieda"

A slam dunk!

And there you have it. The Prosecutor is now the proud owner of a brand-spankin' new Guth-a-Go-Go lapel pin, or, she will be as soon as I schlep to the post office and mail it to her. What a hill of fun that was! You know, if this prosecutor is indeed a prosecutor, and not say, a gal with a really intimidating pseudonym, I can only hope she wears her new lapel pin in court.

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