Jan 22, 2007


So, this one is a little different. My friend sent me this in email form (she does not blog) but I thought it was too cool not to turn into a blog meme. Behold! I turned it into a meme!


This is a chain interviewing meme. Here is how it goes... I'm going to answer the five questions my friend asked me. I don't tag you. You tag yourself. If you want to participate, leave "'Ask me, uh-ho-ho, ask me" in the comments section of this post and I'll then send you five questions that I am dying to ask of you. You post the questions and your answers to the questions on your blog. (You might want to include this explanation for clarity. Feel free to just link to this one instead of worrying about having to re-explain it, if that is easier.) When others comment on your blog asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions that you are dying to ask of them. Got it? Good.

Make sense? Okay, here are my answers to my friend's questions. Again, if you want participate, just comment with "Ask me, uh-ho-ho, ask me" and that's it.

1. Amy, how many different addresses have you had in your life?

Exactly twenty-one addresses, unless I am forgetting one, which I probably am.

2. Amy, why do you never show your teeth in pictures?

Oh, snap! Never say never.

3. Amy, do you want women to band together and beat up guys after they read your boook?

No! I think the most overlooked point in Three Fallen Women is that it isn't a call for women to blame men for anything, but to grow a set of ovaries and live strong, empowered lives by not making anymore stupid choices out of fear. It puts the onus on women to save themselves and each other from themselves and one another. Big difference. Huge.

4. Amy, what word or term do you want to see make a comeback?

Glad you asked! I want to start saying someone "is a kick" rather than "is awesome", etc. Swell is a good word, too. I don't mind swell. And, I'd like to see the word "fine" not be a snarky reply but an enthusiastic one again, as in, "Why sure, So-and-so is a real kick. I like her just fine."

5. Amy, your hair is so shiny! Do you buy good Shampoo or buy whatever is on sale? Will you always keep one shade or another of pink or will you ever branch out to other colors?

I don't fool around with cheap crap on my hair. I buy the good stuff. Ad for the other question, pssh, to those of you who knew me way back when, you know the answer is: "Amy Guth never met a haircolor she didn't try at least once." I just happen to really think the pinks and magentas and burgundies really suit me. I like them jsust fine.


Leah said...


diane said...

I'll play along. :-) But give me until tomorrow, when I will make a post to allow others to leave questions ala Ms. Sizzle.

writersgroupblog said...

Thanks for finding The Writers' Block! An email will be sent your way tomorrow giving you the details for being a Guest Blogger.

By the way, love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Read real, real deep into this, okay? What if I say Ask me, etc and you do, and then I can't do it? Do you take away points? What happens?

Amy Guth said...

Therapy Doc, I could put you on the point system. Not you, no way. :)

Wanna meme? Huh? Huh? Do ya?

Anonymous said...

sure, what the ef. help me here, feel slow, you ask me and i ans, right? sure, amy