Dec 21, 2006


Well, it has been pretty Chanukah centric around here. I'm waiting for all of my bloggers to post for tonight's Chanuah Blog Tour and while waiting, I found this! My dearest Katie Schwartz has tagged me and who am I to ever turn her down for a meme? No way. Not me. Never.

Here goes. This one is asking for the contents of my desk. I have only one desk, since I work in my apartment. It's older and smaller than I'd like, but the perfect one hasn't found me yet. I got the chair from Katherine when she left for Mongolia. She warned me that it would piss me off, which it doesn't but it does make my back hurt sometimes even though it looks like a really swank office chair. I have a bamboo cup with "courage" written on it in Chinese (I'm told. It could say "jackass" and I wouldn't know.) filled with colored pencils, my good pens, good heavy scissors, a coaster that says "drink" across it, and a couple of chopsticks, in case my hair starts bugging me and needs to get swept back. I have a funky black lamp with an aqua shade, my black phone, a couple of checks I need to take to the bank, a little light blueish blotter thing to take the heat off the MacBook, the MacBook, my tan cherry blossom mug of green tea, a boxing Rabbi puppet for inspiration, usually my cat sleeps on my lap when I'm woking, other times, he flops his ass down on the side of my laptop and stars purrrrrring... and in the drawer... a pink highlighter, page flags, post-its, ink refills, bills to be paid, an xacto knife, a nail file, and a business card a stranger handed to me, presumably without realizing a number was jotted on the back. I somehow feel like the love of his life wrote her number on his card and he absent-mindedly handed it to me. I just haven't decided how to get the number back to him yet.

In other news, one of the two guys named Al that I know posted his answers to this meme, too. I stole this off of his blog. If this is a prioritized list, I am even more honored. Just below Jewish observance, just above masturbation. Story of my life.


katie schwartz said...

amers, don't you love sensu's list?!?! I was howling when I saw it. the priorities kick ass!

your meemish is so great. love your meems. you're so delicious.

ps: where can I score a boxing rabbi?

Amy Guth said...

Damn, I can't remember where I got Rabbi Sugar Ray Weinstein... will think on it and get back to you. He rules, even though his payes are way fucked up.