Dec 21, 2006


Welcome to the seventh night of my Chanukah Blog Tour! What a fun time this has all been. Haven't all of the bloggers done such a great job? I think so, too.

Last night, we met six super bloggers and tonight our super seven will keep the ball rolling, er, dreidel spinning...

But, let me warn you. Tonight is a little funky. You'll see why in a minute.

First, we have the honor of meeting a favorite of mine, the one and only Yolanda Shoshana, the Kosher Soul Gournet a she settles in and dishes about Oprah, Martha, Nicole Richie and bestows upon us the phrase, "What happens with the dreidel stays with the dreidel"... um, and if you check out the rest of her blog, she gives out recipes. I'm just saying. Do yourself a favor. Use them.

Second, we have Alana Perlin as she spills my (I thought) well-kept secret for pretty nails, (um, works against split ends, too!) and, you know, I'm willing to actually give her blueberry-syrup-latke-pyramid idea a try. Big smiles for using the sentence, "points for getting that reference" after mentioning the name of my blog.

Next up, I am honored to welcome here a blogger I've quietly enjoyed reading for a good while and who I am so glad to have gotten to know a bit better during this project (so far, playing Six Degrees of Each Other is a real hoot!)... everyone welcome Danny Miller of Jew Eat Yet?. Wow! Look at that fancy post! Woot! Woot! I love it!

For candle numbe four, give it up (and get slippers and a nice cup of tea) for Another Meshugganah Mommy and let's see about her red pepper and sweet potato latkes, and, um, get ready to smack yourself in the forehead when she details her adventures with stupid things people say about Chanukah.

Next up, we have Seth Chalmer who, sadly switched over to the new verion of blogger that is proving to be nightmarish on almost all accounts, and hit a bit of a snag posting, but he is with us now! His post is up!

Shabbat And The City is our next candle, and, although at the time I originally put this post up I said, "She's not posted yet, either. But, look at her blog, she is really busy finding her place in Jewish Los Angeles as a soon-to-be-member-of-the-tribe, so we'll cut her some slack. Los Angeles is big. There's a lot to see. I can dig it." Little did I know that at that very moment she was hard at work on her post (Obviously! Look at what a great post she wrote!) but now, she has finished and it is super! (I like this blog a lot. It's interesting reading... )

And, our (officially) final candle tonight, is on the Cabeza de R.E. and, well, earlier, I blogged: "She hasn't posted yet, either. But, look at her blog! She likes Bjork and I like Bjork, so I can only assume she's listening to Bjork and is totally caught up doing that. Which is totally reasonable. Um, he posted shortly thereafter. Why did I get it in my head that he was a she? Not the profile pic. Not the man purse. Must be the first name? Maybe. As a woman with dude friends named both Meredith and Jody, I should have known better than to assume and I sincerely apologize. If it makes anyone feel any better, I once did a reading a cool trans event, so I put little stock in gender identification titles anyway. (Wow, that was a lot of work just to get him to admit he carries a man purse.)

But, wait-- what is this? Look! An eighth blogger posted the meme who I don't know! Look, everyone! It's Tamarika dishing about Israelia! Look at that! Now that is a Chanukah miracle in blog terms. That's what I'm talkin' about!

Wow, we have an extra candle to make our Chanukah lights shine extra bright. Now that is just plain cool.

Happy Chanukah and see everyone back here tomorrow night to meet our full chanukiot of bloggers and revisit all the many posts in the Chanukah Blog Tour.


Tamar said...

Amy, Thanks so much for your comment and link to my blog. What fun this is turning out to be. I am enjoying reading your blog here, and getting to know different bloggers through this. I must say that this is the first in a long while that I did not feel lonely during Hanukkah! Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd prefer stilettos and a Jack and coke, but thanks for the shout-out! And, seriously, thanks for including me in the project. This was a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm all good. I've posted. Disaster averted! It was scary for a bit though.

Anonymous said...

How does one get involved in the Hanukkah blog tour? Yolanda Shoshana sent me an e-mail, but I can't quite figure out how to board the train!

Amy Guth said...

Aw, Tamar, I'm such a softie-- I'm so touched to read that and so glad you felt community this year. I felt a good sense of it this year, myself.

Meshugannah Mommy-- now you're talkin'!

Seth-- whew! You did such a great job! Thanks again!

Stephanie! We're all set for our official candles, but you can go for it. Tomorrow, slap that little chanukiot graphic, the eight questions and your answers to them onto your blog and you're on board! Le me know!