Aug 29, 2009


Remember that playlist of the week feature I used to do? I decided to bring them back, upgraded.

1. Nine to Five/Dolly Parton
2. Chloe Dancer/Mother Love Bone
3. Autumn In New York/Billie Holiday
4. Prayers for Rain/The Cure
5. Hurricane/Bob Dylan
6. Fools' Paradise/Oingo Boingo
7. I Don't Want to Play Football/Belle & Sebastian
8. Stupidity Tries/Elliott Smith
9. El Paso/Marty Robbins
10. I'm Free Now/Morphine


Jess said...

I love varied, just like my own music collection. Every girl needs a little Dolly in her life, I think.

Anonymous said...

Dude! I love that you have Dolly!!! have you listened to Backwoods Barbie yet? I love me some Dolly.

When my Dad complains about the music I listen to I always pull out El Paso, a song that is about drinking, adult situations, murder, horse thievery, running from the law and suicide by cop. Then I put one of my cds on the player and point out how none of my music isn't nearly as violent, and none of them endorse horsejacking... I WIN!