Apr 8, 2008


Quotes of today:

"Nom, nom, nom, cold beets."

"Turn. Out. Your. Pockets!" (said in English accent)

"Dude, that's awesome. Also awesome is the ad for 'Rat Sculpture Fountain' appearing in my sidebar right now."

Interesting search terms used that resulted in people landing on this blog:

amy guth blog (obvs)
amy's little lamb (no clue)
steven beeber (Oh sweet, I interviewed him and he's a great guy. Buy his book.)
amy ho ho ho (uhhhhh...?)
amy guth pic feet (hello, your creepiness)
beeber, heebies (ah, again, you must be looking for the interview. It's here.)
amy guth husband tim (I get this search all the time. I don't know this Tim guy.)
saw dad wanking (ha, yes, I went there)
sweet tender ass (why yes, thank you)
steven beeber, guth (oy, Beebs...)
bigmouth porno website (no, sorry)
amy michelle guth (not my middle name)
don henley heart of the matter download (ha, beats me!)
amy guth (present)
what does ben day ho spanish (pendejo, actually)
reel around the fountain gay song (indeed)
morrissey gay (indeed)
amy guth (indeed)
how to tell someone I love very much indeed (awwwww)
how to grow out grey hair (sigh, I could write a book)


Jewgirl said...

My favorite searches are, amy's little lamb and the misspelling of pendejo. I recently read on some Gossip blog (great for stress reduction) that some famous singer spelled "boredom", board-um.

my favorite response is: "hello, your creepiness".

Bubs said...

I am not making this up: someone found my blog the other day by googling "amy guth' underarms"

Amy Guth said...

HA, Bubs, that a rye-rye. I wonder what on earth anyone wants with my pits?