Apr 9, 2008


So, Leah , who blogs Accidentally Jewish and who is helping Pilcrow Lit Fest lately more than I can fully make any of you understand, is working with OSRUI, a midwestern URJ camp, to help them publicize an upcoming event on the night of May 2, and I couldn't resist helping her hock a bit. About this event, she says:

The Jewish Discovery Shabbat is a one night retreat for people who are 25-40 and Jewish, curious about becoming a Jew, or interfaith couples who want to know more about Judaism. We have two great rabbis coming to lead the weekend and our regional outreach coordinator. The cost of the retreat is $75 per person and includes lodging, food and all of the workshops. We also have a Facebook group for people interested in attending the retreat... It will be a great chance to talk through some big and little questions about Judaism. I can say from experience that a Shabbat at OSRUI is truly a restful Shabbat.
So, if you're Jewish, Jew-ish, wannabe-Jewish, or spouse/partner of, or just curious about what all of our funny words, candles and 26 holidays in a year and such are all about, give it a whirl, meet some people, do a little talking, a little listening. Or, click around the above links for more info.


Leah said...

Thanks for the post!

Jewgirl said...

I wish I could attend, it's a seminar I would truly enjoy.