Oct 15, 2007


Happy Keyword Day! It's been a while since I've posted my recent keywords and I just noticed some good ones.

naked with mouth- ???
naked frum- ???
irrumare- ???
bigmouth breasts- ???
amy guth image boobiethon-- nice try.
big mouth jew- nice. douche.
amy guth- present.
amy guth husband- man, I always get this one.
amy guth married- settle down, har.
cristin hinojosa- no clue.
amy pearl in toronto- what? you want me to come read in toronto? Sure.
amy ralph- unless it's a Simpsons thang, I'm stumped.
and i forced you to a zone- no clue.
rhetorical sterculian said- what didn't he say? Har.
little person reason big mouth- what's funny is that just yesterday I had Little People, Big World on television, but yeah, not sure about the keyword search.

Anyway, it always cracks me up wheat people search that lands them here in Bigmouthsylvania.

So, I have less than a week to gather the remaining monies for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk if I am to meet my goal and I really hope you will help if you can. Like I've said-- even a couple of dollars here and there is appreciated and it makes a difference. I promise you. So, if you can, please donate today. Several Citizens of the Blogosphere and associates have already donated (and I am so appreciative!), in fact. Like who, you ask? Well, if you click over to the donation page, you'll see some scrolling names in the lower right corner of folks like Schwartzeleh, Mermaidhead & Baby Neptune, Orieyenta, Rational Leftist, Sparkypoo, PNC281, Ma Guth, Tamar the Fox, The Prosecutor, Bubs, Dondi & Goaty, Helena (who really, really should blog because she'd be a kickass blogger), and many others who I am so appreciative to for donating.

And, since I've got your doing all that clicking-- hit The Breast Cancer Site, hit the pink button and it'll donate mammography to women in need.

Then, hello, every household needs tools. This tool set from Tomboy Tools (we'll save the gender role/gender identification tawlk for another day and just focus on the positive action of this tool set, mmkay? it is an important discussion and a valid one, of course, but the fact remains that a pink hammer isn't threatening to me, and if it raises money for a good cause, it's good in my book. It occurs to me, too, that there is many an issue with making tools pink and thus saying non-pink tools are solely masculine, or that a company called Tomboy implies that tools aren't generally for women, only women who do masculine and tomboyish things, BUT, again we are going to focus on the facts and the facts are thus:) that donates $7 from each pink tool set purchased to the Susan G. Komen foundation with a guaranteed minimum donation of $100,000. Not too shabby. I have an attachment to a particular red hammer my Dad gave me when I was a kid so I could help him with projects, but I wouldn't mind a pink one, too. Especially benefiting such a great cause and double-especially if it lived amongst pink levels and ratchets and in a pink toolbag!

Anyway, tooldes for now.


jewgirl said...

Shalom Dahlink;

Donate, beautiful babies! This is for a great cause and it means a lot to the mouth. Be a mensch.

Love the keywords.

Mom Sparks said...

Hey Amy, et al: Do you know about this special promotion on QVC?


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