Oct 16, 2007


Hello, hello! How is everyone? I'm doing really well, myself. Clearing out some stuff on Freecycle and Craigslist. Love it. So liberating to unburden yourself of your tzotch, whether you're selling it off or giving it away. Bliss either way.

My BoSox (default team after the cubs) are making my heart hurt. (Ohh, wait, as soon as I wrote that, they got 2 runs. Okay, uh, THE BOSOX ARE MAKING MY HEART HURT!) I'm working on an article about Peru, and a review for New City Chicago. Greenpeace sayeth the iPhone is a toxic mess. That's about all I know, tonight. I think I might pull an old lady and go to bed early. I'm so tired. Maybe bring a book and a cup of tea. Ah, now that sounds really great.

So, youse know the drill by now...

Click to donate mammography for free. See how easy I make things for you? Also, don't forget that you can make The Breast Cancer Site your homepage (and click through to their other sponsor-funded sites), and you can sign up to receive email reminds to click-- the link lands in your inbox every morning so you can click every day, all year. So easy to be so menschy. Today's buy to support breast cancer comes courtesy of Ma Sparkypoo-- QVC is doing a fab shoe du jour thing and donating to these cancer organizations. (Thanks for the tip, Ma Sparkypoo.)

Oh, and before I forget-- we only need $910 more to reach the $2,500 goal for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event that takes place this Sunday, October 21st. How exciting to see it all so near! if you are waiting to donate-- now is the time with only days to go!

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