Oct 30, 2007


Stop! Click! Hook sistahs up then check out Stirred to Action, a pomegranate booze thing that donates to the Young Survival Coalition with each purchase. We've only got a day and a half left of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and that hopefully means that all month you've gotten in the habit of clicking sites that you'll click all year and that you've maybe stumbled upon a few new organizations to support all year and that maybe you've gotten a system worked out to remind yourself (or a rack you love) to stay on top of mammography and self-exams.


What does it mean when a fictionista suddenly starts pouring poetry? I don't know anything about poetry. But, I'm writing this free-form stuff today and I think that's what it is. Poetry.

Of course, my first thought was, fuck it, go with it, send it out. But, then I realized I have a sense of confidence with fiction and essays-- I feel good and un-intimidated about sending it out because I don't think it sucks, and I feel like I know what I'm doing. But, as soon as I thought to send it out, I realized I don't have the lit-sack with poetry that I have otherwise. Hmm. I'll just keep catching it with pens as it comes out. I like what I'm writing. It sounds good. It feels good to write it. So, I'll just keep writing it.

What are you kids doing for Halloween? I think this might be the first year evah that I'm going costume-less. In my life, I've costumed myself (or been costumed as) a witch (no offense to my wiccan readers-- I was six, in my defense, and had no idea), a mouse (x3), Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, a bad Jewish stereotype, a nerd (x2), sleepy, an I-Don't-Care-Bear (I was Junkie Bear), an old French whore, sleepy, a cat, Rosie the Riveter, Madonna (circa Blonde Ambition tour), Bride of Frankenstein (x3, one of my faves evah), a vampire (x2), whitetrash, June Cleaver, a Girl Scout gone bad, a brownie Girl Scout, a chef, a butterfly, a "wizardess princess" (alsoshutup! I was five!), and a ballerina. And probably a few others I've forgotten about. I'm just not feeling it this year. I don't know if I'll get any trick or treaters, but I'm feeling good about staying in, chillin' out, making a nice dinner and watching something spooky. That sounds perfect.

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sparkypoo said...

The boy and I were pondering a chill night of watching scary movies, but then a group organically developed to go see the costume parade on Halsted and I just CANNOT pass that up! :)