Oct 29, 2007


UPDATE: Check out the love I got in this Emerging Writers' Network post!

I had adventures around town today. Eh, this and that. You know how it is. I ended up talking about my book today to three men I didn't expect to discuss it with. Which was a nice surprise. I had a nice lunch today, too, post morning adventures and played with an iPhone today, too. I kind of have tech-envy now. Well, for those of you elsewhere, Chicago is chilly. I did coat and glovies today, no lie. So, after my adventures this morning, and my lunch, and my playing with an iPhone, I got home, hit the post office, did groceries and made a nice, hearty pasta sauce, a good cup of apple spiced tea, and because my radiators are still as cold as ice, changed into my comfy warm clothes and my cat and I are cozied up on the couch, space heater on, and are geeking on the History Channel.

This is my favorite time of the year. And, it feels like it's off to a good start (this season, that is) by a long walk last night in the chilly weather and by last night's BoSox win. Am I a dork for welling-up over the World Series? There's just something about watching unbridled happiness and excitement that I just love. It's perfect.

Did I mention my apartment is chilly? Oh right. I did. Eh well.

Well, I owe you some boob-links. You know the drill. It's still October, still breast cancer awareness month, the blog is still pink, and, most importantly, still a big issue so click here to donate mammography to women in need, and, if you need to book a flight, consider booking on Delta, who is doing some interesting things to support breast cancer research.


Dan Wickett said...

I just re-read my post, the bits about yourself, and realize I completely shirked my duties in showing you love - you do an amazing job bringing in readers and an audience to this still fairly young series. Plus, you make everybody, authors and guests alike feel welcome - taking time to talk to everybody while still making sure things are organized. You don't pimp the hell out of your own book, just quietly having it available unless people ask (then having a kickass story about the cover for those who do inquire). Plus a big jar of cash for the folks with pink ribbons? WOW is what I should have said the first time around.

Amy Guth said...

Aw, Dan, that' was really great of you to say. Thank you.