Oct 19, 2007


So, I like all sorts of music, and you know, I'm more into the old western swing kind of country (Waylon, Conway and co.) than I am into the pop country, but check this out! When someone is loving what they're playing, it show and that translates into quality music. Yes? Yes. The singer, Andy Childs, (the blond guy with the accent) of this band, Sixwire, is a longtime family friend. Check out their smartass YouTube audition video (complete with cut-away confessionals, they're like the pop-country Spinal Tap!) where they discuss their roles in the band, and still keep straight faces.

Anyway, the clip charmed the Fox network and tonight they'll be on tonight's Next Great American Band. How cool, right? If they make the cut tonight, try to tune in weekly and vote for them. It's nice to see a band not taking themselves super seriously and having a little fun, right? Right! Nice guys like them deserve a break. Yes they do.


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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I am constantly amazed by your taste in things and your likes and dislikes. It's too cool you like older country and baseball too. You rock the planet Mizz Guth.