Oct 18, 2007


You guys, this is totally how I wake up. Only instead of clubbing me over the head, he goes with more of the claw-Guthieroo's-feet approach. Equally effective.

Hi, today in rack-talk:
Click for free to donate a mammogram because it's the nice thing to do.

Three and a half days to raise $900 for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event.

Zoom in on The Breast Cancer Fund, an awesome organization that focuses on eliminating the environmental factors that contribute to breast cancer. (Not that it's all environmental, obviously-- there are tons of contributing factors, but if we can eliminate something dangerous, we should. Hello?) Check out their action center with important issues for you such as asking Nalgene for water bottle made without bispherol-A, and their giving page with many ways for you to support theorganization. And, check this out! Right now, eBay is hosting an event for them. Hoof it on over and check it out, and scroll down to see the Climb Against The Odds fundraiser that involves climbing Mt. Shasta. Now that is awesome.


sparkypoo said...

Bastet goes for the "chew on Mommy's toes" method.
I've received this video multiple times today but it is still cracking me up. :-)

jewgirl said...

guthy, that is so cute and so funny. does cm wake you up like that every day? louiejew used to hock me that way, too, EVERY MORNING. soooo sweet! awwww.