Oct 20, 2007


You guys! I only need $105 to meet my fundraising goal for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event that takes place tomorrow. Today is the day! Click here to donate as much or as little as you can to support the cause. Easy. Please help me reach this goal by emailing a link to this blog post to any friends and co-workers you can think of who might want to contribute.

And, just to remind you: I'll promote anything on this blog that you need promoted by writing all about it and I'll do that for everyone who donates today, the final day of fundraising. Already donated? Hook a sister up with at least one more dollar (Sparkypoo and Mermaidhead both came back and were total menschyroos and donated twice, can you believe?) and I'll write about and link to your band, your independent film, your art show, your design project, your awesome kid, your cool job, your book, your whatever. Deal? Donate more than $50 today or tomorrow, and I'll blog about your project twice, donate more than $100 and Ill blog about your project everyday for a week. A week! Donate more than $200 and I'll blog about your project for a week AND run an interview with your about your project. Hello, I get a lot of traffic on this blog. You might as well use it to your advantage. Ready, set, go! When you donate, I'll get an email with your email address on it. I'll contact you and you can tell me what you want blogged about. Deal? Deal.

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Sizzle said...

ok i did it!