Oct 27, 2007


Shalom, I'm not dead. Just busy doin' stuff. Working on this and that. Odds and ends. You know how I do. The good news is that I'm about finished for the week and next week, after Monday is pretty light. Whew. I'm glad for that.

You guys, Thursday night at the Fixx was stunningly fun and there was a big, fun crowd and everyone hung out and merrily chatted and laughed after and lots of books were sold and the tip jar for The National Breast Cancer Fund was stuffed with $70!

Elizabeth Crane ruled! Johnathan Messinger ruled! Roy Kesey ruled and brought me a present all the way from Bejing! Seriously-- go befriend all three of them on GoodReads, Shelfari, LibraryThing and, and, and please go buy all of their available work. So great! Unfortunately, our photographer friend who is responsible for such great documentation of each event is recovering from getting turned into a partial robot, so I don't have any photographs to show, but trust me--- it was awesome. Every last bit. Please, please mark your calendars for next month--- due to Thanksgiving and such, it's a week early. Lineup forthcoming.

Let's see. What else is new in the world? I think this is so freaky and I can't stop looking at it.


Amy's Mom said...

So happy the FIXX went over so well. I promise I will make one someday.
And now about the other.
You know... I just have this thing about photographing the dead. I had this friend that died and some time later,one of her sons came by WITH PICTURES!!! It really creeped me out and I politely declined. His comment was, " But Mom looks so pretty". Again the apologies and whatever and I left the room.
I think the mental images are enough, thanks!!

Bubs said...

Hey, glad the FIXX went well. Sorry we couldn't make it (again) but there's always next time.

My Hannah loves those mourning photos. She found one or two at a junk shop in Indiana and has them in her room.

jewgirl said...

I'm witchya muddah, I'm glad the Fixxy went so well.

I am now OCD'ng on these death picks. They are as creepy as they are exquisite. Did you check out the library: http://antviz.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/gn4m8143_2bwlr.jpg

vinty, plotzy shelving ta'die for.