Sep 10, 2007


Hey gang.

Just talked to Mr. Mermaidhead. Wee Neptune, while doing wonderfully and probably very happy to be home, now weighs less than 5 lbs. What a tiny baby. He shrank! When I ditch the sniffles and this cough, I'll go give him his awesome welcome gift-- wanna know what it is? Well, Mermaidhead peeks in here at Bigmouth from time to time (though I doubt she has time to do any such thing right now) so just to be sure, see the awesome thing right here. Adorable beyond!

Let's see, what else do I know? We've raised 70% of my fundraising goal for the Making Strides event, which is awesome and I thank you all. I'm the #12 fundraiser for the event, which is fine by me-- I don't care who is raising the money as long as it gets raised, so it only means someone else is raising more. Dig. Want to help? Click here to donate and while you're clicking, we should all click here to get corporate sponsors to fund mammography for women who can't otherwise afford it. See, I'm handing good deeds to you for the doing.


My guest spot continues at Jewcy for another month starting today. I'll link it up proper when I get the post up in a bit. I had a brainstorm about letting my almost-finished next novel absorb a half-finished novel that I've had in the hatch for several months, and I like this idea very much, as it fixes where I was held up/in need of a little polish in both texts.

My awesome coffeeshop friend, Montana the Canadian World Sailor, just offered me an extra Cubs-Cards ticket for today. I can't go because theres much to do today, but it did remind me I've only been to one baseball game this summer. For shame!

I want to go to Buenos Aries and Santiago. Big time.

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jewgirl said...

Congrats to merm and neptune. love the onsie, doll.

so excited about jewcy. what a great way to start the new year.

great job on the fundraising front.