Sep 21, 2007


My Jewcy post is up, of course, a little mish-mash about Yom Kippur and tonight's Kol Nidre. Kol Nidre (pronounced just like it looks "Coal need-ray" or "Coal nid-ray"), is so wonderful, in my very humble opinion. So beautiful and blinky to me. Anyway, speaking of Jewcy, I want all of youse to click over to Madam Tamar Fox's post about being pro-active about your health.

Speaking of, you guys are wicked awesome for many reasons, but especially because we've hit the fundraising goal again for the Making Strides event in October. To recap: I set it a a grand and we knocked that hist out in like three days (blam!), so I set it at $1,100, and we knocked it out (blam!), so I hiked it another $50 and (blam!) we're up to $1,181. So, I'm going to make a big leap and jack it up to $2,500. We are so close! I know there are so many causes out there worthy of support, but if you have a buck or two and you are feeling generous enough to give to this cause, I'd be so very grateful.

The Comcast Digital Voice commercial with the line "Sorry Roger, you tiger now!" is unendingly funny to me.

Anyway, I need to get myself spiffed up for tonight. Talk to youse later.


diane said...

Have a wonderful night.
(that Comcast commercial cracks me up too!)

jewgirl said...

this fundraising is really kickin ass, sister.

TravelGretta said...

OHMYGOD - I laugh hysterically every time that Comcast commercial is on. Poor Roger =(

Paul said...