Sep 23, 2007


Hidey ho. Looks like I'm doing a little article about Peru for a travel publication, got a bite on another idea I had for a small series of pieces, so I'm putting that proposal together, yadda yadda.

Ohh, before I forget, see some adventures in Omaha here, here, here and especially here, ha ha, courtesy Jami Attenberg.

Anyway. Now, I'm going to hop a train and go to Chinatown and buy a tiny block of tamarind paste and enjoy the lovely weather. (Snow will be here before we know it.) Sure, I can probably get tamarind at the supermarket around the corner, but it's a nice day for a train ride, and I kind of like buying little bits of things from ethnic grocers. Plus, I'm up for a little adventure.

I have this and this on Craigslist if any of youse are interested. More to follow. I'm doing a major toss-out campaign and it is lovely.


jewgirl said...

Mazel Tov on the Peru article. Love the pics. Too adorable.

Nick Ostdick said...

Hey Amy!

Pleased to make your electronic acquaintance. I've read much of your work online, and will be picking up your novel soon. Ben Tanzer has talked you up, and it's nice to finaly put a blog with the name. I'm going to link your blog on mine.

Hope all is well...