Sep 11, 2007


You know I loves me some Six Sentences, and you know I think that 6S's honcho-mastermind, Rob McEvily, not only has an awesome name (Like evil as an adverb!) and is a great writer, but I also think he is just an all around swell, friendly, kind dude.


I have just been enlightened by someone named Rion about another micro-fiction site, and I see myself becoming a fan of it as well. (Hear that, McEvily? I said "as well", meaning, also. So, fear not. I can't quit you! Har.)

Behold! Raincoat Flashers. Look at the pictures, write micro-flash-fiction in the comments section. Done and done. Such a great idea, no?

I have no shame, and in the interest of putting something up asap, I totally cheated and put up an excerpt from Three Fallen Women. Interestingly, it is my least favorite excerpt, but I promise I'll post fresher, unattached material shortly.


Anonymous said...

you find the best sites!

jewgirl said...

Raincoat Flashers. Running like a dawg.

Rion said...

Wow, thanks! We are pleased to have you and anyone you can send our way.

The Management
Raincoat Flashers