Sep 11, 2007


My Jewcy post is up today. Tomorrow I'm dropping a heavy-on-the-explanations post, so I kept it light today with some Rosh HaShanah funnies and some lighthearted ragging on President Chickenhawk. Um, and in my digging around on YouTube, I found this funny clip about modern Jesus on a date that I thought I'd share. I like the idea of Jesus being a playah.

I have sort of a lot to do over the next two days, but it's all good. I'm cleaning my apartment super-well (as is sort of the custom to do just before Rosh HaShanah and especially Passover), and taking care of odds and ends, and I'm making a little pile of stuff to get rid of. I'm going to try to do a blog yard sale and see how it goes. It'll involve links, PayPal and maybe the post office, but it's worth a try. I'd rather you guys have my junk than a random Craigslist peep. And, I can't get a straight answer as to whether or not I need to get a permit to have an actual yard sale, so we'll see what happens. Might be super spiffy fun.

Can I tell you? I woke up this morning freezing! Fall is finally here, it seems, and I am happy beyond. I love fall like a mmmmuuuutherfucker. Puts me in The Best mood.

In other news, I hope everyone caught Schwartzeleh's post about Big Vaginas, because it made me laugh my ass off, PNC281's email this morning made my day, Adam Deutsch gave a nice little shout-out, I'm coloring my hair with burgundy, pink and brown, I saw a PVC-fashioned missile on top of a plumbing van with a sign that read been lookin' for Ben Laden, I sort of got invited to play fairy glitter dress up for Mardi Gras from one of my dahlink nola BFFs, Miss Quoted, and, I think that's it for now.

Back to tidying.


Rion said...

Please write on my blog, you are thereby challenged.


it will one day be popular, I'm guessing

Amy Guth said...

Done! Awesome blog. I'm going to write a little post about it now.

jewgirl said...

That Jesus is such a swooner! I screamed when I saw that video.

Loved today's Jewcy and posted it on the vey of oy.

Thanks for the v-love, sister.

Fall is suuuuuch a beautiful time of year, especially in the midwest and on the east coast. I know you will enjoy it to the fullest.