Aug 24, 2007


Well, kids, despite a tornado or four, falling trees, workers with chainsaws working to free smashed cars, and city-wide flooding, last night at The Fixx was great fun!

Both Adam Levin...

...and Wendy McClure...

...braved the end of the world weather and brought the funny and the awesome. Unfortunately, my camera got a little temporarily botched en route, so I deeply regret that I can't offer you any new photographs, especially since everyone looked smashing. (And, I would have liked to offer further proof that I own more than one skirt.)

Hopefully, Wendy and Adam will be around here on Bigmouth soon for an installation of Guthmantics, but in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for happenings from either of them, as they are both talented and delightful.

In other news:

Fish can be assholes. Speak with Gary at The Fixx. He showed me last night post-reading that a tiny, pretty orangey fish killed/ate his baby's mama (thus earning the name "OJ") and is now trying to eat a giant black Oscar fish peck by peck. Fish can be assholes.

Schwartzy has a very funny piece up at Six Sentences.

My final post from my guest spot over at Jewcy is up. Thanks to Jewcy and and all its Jewcyness for having me over. I am honored to have been in such great company.


Sizzle said...

we all know you only have one skirt. come on. ;)

jewgirl said...

I'm so glad The Fixxy went well and that several braved the threat of the Second Coming for some scrumptuous literary laughs.

thanks for the mention, buttons.

ps: read your jewcy. absolutely loved it. forwarded it to a gazillion peeps. those emotional boundaries (I know, I sound like a broken record), they are just so important.

all of the guthyjewcy's were prolific and insightful. I appreciataed and needed em' all. grazie, bubbie, grazie.

Anonymous said...

Fish can be assholes

There ya go again.
Nature is red of tooth and claw

Bubs said...

Sorry we missed it. Things were a little hairy out here that night. Sounds like a good time.