Jul 24, 2007


I sometimes am hesitant to link to jewy things here because, you know how it is, everyone has their own reasons for finding meaning in anything and none of us can speak for anyone but ourselves. So, when I link to something, to provide explanation of some kind to you, my dear readers, I really try to link carefully because there are so many, many, many explanations online and every explanation offered up is, you know, right and okay and valid if someone finds meaning in it. So, I try to find a general, straightforward, no-frills, somewhat journalistic explanation and link to that (Which, let me tell you, is harder than it might look.) and figure that if anyone wants my two cents, for whatever reason, they'll ask. Just had to say that.

That said, dude, I totally almost spaced out on Tisha B'Av (The most continuously unforch of days) but managed to salvage it at the last second. Oops. Anyway, to my fellow Heebs and Heebettes, I hope you're having an easy and meaningful fast, if that is your bag and you are fasting today, or having a meaningful experience, however and whatever parts you observe. And, hello, you know I'm always pleased about a clean-the-house holiday. (Old custom to clean your house on the afternoon of Tisha B'Av. Long story. Just take my word for it.)

Anyway, how are all of you? Gosh, I've been a little busy lately (see previous paragraph), but it's all very good stuff that I've been up to. A couple of new gigs, a new direction for a project or two. I still feel like I don't have much to say after that not having breast cancer thing but who knows why really. Things just seem so good and kvetching seems petty lately. When I'm saying I don't have much that needs reporting, I mean it. No news is really fucking great news, folks. That's for sure. This very smooth sailing, no-drama, healthy living, smiley, easy-going shit is the best.

But, I was wondering earlier today about how hard it must suck to have the job of wearing the mascoty, animaley suits at theme parks because I overheard a woman talking about a recent trip to Disneyworld. Yeah, I think it probably would suck pretty hard.

Oh, and I did see a dude today wearing white glasses. White glasses. Yeah. Unforch.


jewgirl said...

every time you say forch/unforch, it makes me laugh so hard. I love it. it's one of my fave guthyisms.

that said...

you sound good. great even. I'm so pleased things are moving in the direction you want them to. as if there was ever a doubt!

Talia said...

I wouldn't want to have to wear an animal suit, but it might be fun to be Snow White or something...all the little girls going crazy, but Snow White probably always comes last among the "princesses". You know, cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty. And why is that?

orieyenta said...

Ok - wearing one of those mascoty/animaly things does SUCK. I did it for a while and it is HOT inside those things...plus it really SUCKS when a kid decides to come running at you and punch you in the stomach.

White glasses on a dude? Say it isn't so.

Amy Guth said...

I always liked Snow White the best because when i was a kid, she was the only Princessey type with my hair. :)

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Buena suerte con tu vaina, pue'. I won't say it in English because I don't want to "put-the-canary" on you as my father says (Anglicization of the secondary or tertiary meaning of Kinahura). I'm not sure, though, why I can't get it through to jewgirl, that just because I know a little Yiddish, I ipso facto can't be an atheist. I know a little Yiddish because my father speaks it fluently. He's an atheist, too. I know a lot of Sephardim here who can speak and write Ladino (!) and they're atheists.

Not my point. My point is to tell you that having survived menengitis as a child and am completely healthy with all my parts intact, I've considered myself kind of on a life-time free-roll. Given your recent excellent medical results, give yourself a short free-roll at lesat and squeeze the lemon dry.

Amy's Mom said...

What is it with the white glasses? Living in the land of constant glare from the sun, I have seen white sunglasses on guys more often that I care to. It just looks too..... girlie. There must be something I am missing here. Are they expensive, a status thing? I just don't get it. Can someone please explain this to me? Does this mean I really am over the hill? Alas!