Jul 7, 2007


You guys, this website is so fun. It's called GoodReads, and while I have indeed mentioned it before, I don't think I realized how super-cool it is until I started playing around with it a bit last night. Go sign yourself up. It's very cool.

Then, you can friend request me right here. Pretty please.

So, show of hands, who is coming to my reading in Canada on Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

Jaysus girlfriend, the Sault is at least an 8 hour drive for me.
And I've no vehicle!
I'll start 'thumbing' now.

jewgirl said...

I wish I was going. canada will fall madly and desperately in love with ya, guthykins.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sorry, I'm gonna have to miss it. Have fun tho and make us proud.

Chaylene said...

I added you as a friend to my (sadly neglected) goodreads profile.

(I'm "Gidget" on there.)

Anonymous said...

Not ALL of Canada, jewgirl.
You will always have this Canadian's heart.