May 6, 2007


My friend V. is in town, which is spectacular. I have found that to talk to V. is to be friends with V., and so he generally has friends popping up everywhere.

Anyway, we went to Steppenwolf Theatre to see Betrayal, a wonderful production starring Ian Barford, Tracy Letts and V.'s friend, Amy Morton. (You're friends? How did I not know this?) After the show, we stood and chatted with her a bit, then we found ourselves following her through a back stairwell as she called to the other actors that if they'd wait she'd give them all rides home, before sneaking us into the light/sound booth in the mainstage area to peek in on another production in-progress. She pointed out a few features of the space, such as there being tons of wing space stage right and hardly any stage left, we stood and watched the show for a few minutes, then turned to go.

After, we hit my favorite tapas place, met some new friends visiting from New Jersey, then parted ways. It is now 4:30 am and I'm off to dash him to the airport. So early. So early. But, for V., I'll do it. The rest of youse, I might have to think it over, though. (wink)

Anyway, it's just as well, since I am leaving for another big trek in few short hours. I'll blog en route. This trip, you guys, is going to be a hill of fun. I can just feel it in my bones.

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V. said...

Hey, Guth, it was great seeing you again. Thanks for the ride to the airport. It was really, really early. I wish you could have seen the people I sat next to on the plane. You would have loved it, or them, or the fact that I had to keep my yap shut for three hours.

Thanks again, for the ride and everything in general.