May 31, 2007


Tomorrow, my father is traveling to a location on the State Department's travel advisory list. And he'll be there for ten days. And he may or may not have access to phone and internet while he's there. And, I worry about his health. And, he's my dad. And, in light of other little earthquakes this week that reminded me that sometimes terrible things do happen, I'd rather he didn't go.

But, he and I both know the apple didn't fall far and I'd do the same thing, and that a life tiptoed around things that might go horribly wrong isn't much of a life. Still.


sparkypoo said...

Papa Guth will be in my (warm & safe) thoughts for the next couple weeks.

Amy Guth said...

Thanks, Sparkypoo.

jimmy said...

Either you're the biggest drag on earth, or your karma is really shitty. Sorry about your friend, but why would you think suicide is okay? It's selfish and thoughtless.

Amy Guth said...

Jimmy. Because you do not know the person you are speaking about, perhaps it is best to be kind during a rough time instead of judging his actions. We have no idea if we'd have done the same unless we had his life, his circumstances.

As for me and my karma, it is rather good. Sometimes, no matter how positively we live, rain falls. People die, cars bump into each other, relatives worry us, vases break, keys get lost, uh, blood vessels pop in eyeballs. Life happens, is my point. And, some of us feel like blogging about life happening as we see it unfolding.

jewgirl said...

jimmy, um, question, did a bug crawl up your ass and die this morning? geez louise. such judgment coming from you.

miss guth is anything but a drag and happens to have the brightest and best karma out there.

as she so eloquently said, in life bad things happen beyond our control.

if you have nothing nice to say, you don't have to say anything. isn't that liberating? something to consider.

guthy, beautiful post.

Amy Guth said...

Thanks, Jewgirl. You're a doll to say that.