May 30, 2007


Stop everything you are doing! Right this minute! Now, go check out this dreamy contest one of my BFFs, the fabulous Laurel Snyder is running! She wants our help in naming a character in one of her wonderful children's books. (Uh, you all, of course, nodded right then because you are familiar with and own her work because it is genius and darling, right? Good.)

Here's what she said about the contest:

I need to NAME a dastardly fellow, a filthy scoundrel, a naughty man from the Wild Wild West, stuck in the 21st century. He's truly rotten-- cruel to animals, mean to kids, and willing to rob banks and kidnap YOU just for the fun of it. He wears a black hat and a long dark coat. He smells funny.

Can you help me???

Of course we can! Let's put on our thinking caps and help a sister out.

Oh, it's so fun! I can't wait to see all the responses! How cool! That Laurel, so full of fun.

Oh, and speaking of booky things, which we usually are here on Bigmouth, check out these rad sheets. I, uh, don't think my Three Fallen Women would make the greatest bedtime story ever, ever, ever on earth, but it's cool anyway. Har.

Why does my living room suddenly smell like fried chicken?


Laurel said...

Thanks, lady... you rock!


Sean said...

Jim Crowley Harangue
Bill Spitoon
Crenshaw Cowlick
Jimmy "jailbird," Hancock
Fred Bulbous
Jose Martinez de Muerte
Jack Montgomery Coe
Aloysius (AJ) "don't call me Aloysius" James Smercheck

Amy Guth said...

No silly! You have to send the names to Laurel!

SJO said...

She doesn't allow anon/webpage comments....and I can't get my google on from woik. I'm technologically challenged by overzealous techno-fascists...but yeah, I'm silly too. Ha.