Jun 1, 2007


Hi folks. Just want to remind you about The Dollar Store Show, tonight at The Hideout in Chicago. Come one, come all! It's only a buck and you get to hear Neo-Futurist Founder Greg Allen, Underground Librarian Emerson Dameron and a little of my funny ha-ha, too.

(And, uh, despite what The Chicago Reader insists, I have not gone blonde.)


Leah said...

Wish I could be there bubela. We've got a lecture at shul tonight that I've been anxiously waitiing for.

You'll do great!

Amy Guth said...

Thanks, lamb. I'm so excited. You'll be there in spirit, surely.

jewgirl said...

I'm with leah, I wish I could attend. your write up in the reader is scintillating.

knock em' dead, kid. it's gonna be a laugh riot.