May 8, 2007


Hey folks. I made it through Arkansas with the help of Jane's Addiction and Morrissey. I'm outside of Dallas now at another truckstop. This time, though, there is a television above my head instead of a speaker blaring country music, like the previous truckstop. Everyone sitting in the dining room is looking at the television, but it feels weird to see a bunch of strangers facing me as I sit below the television. Everyone is glued to the television to watch the really terrible weather coming through. Texas storms are incredible. Driving through storms is not my favorite. So, I'll check in with the blogosphere again once I get settled in my hotel in Austin. Close. Close. Close. If I can just outrun the storms a bit, all will be well.

I got a little shout-out on Austinist today about tomorrow's reading at Bookwoman. Really, if you are in Austin tomorrow, I'd love to see your smiling face. Really. Loooove it.

Anyway, I've taken some interesting photographs during my travels today. I made a stop in Hope, Arkansas (of course) because I tend to like my presidents a little bit wonky, I suppose.


Texan Jew said...

I wish I had the day off tomorrow then I could drive to Austin! Good luck with the storms!

Eric Spitznagel said...

It's a little disconcerting to know that an Einstein doll is more well-traveled than I am. For an inanimate object, he really gets around.

"jew" "girl" said...

love the shot of einey in front of the bye yale sign. isn't it ya'll? wait, semantics in hope, arkansas>? schwartzy, are you new?