May 28, 2007


Keywords people have searched recently and landed on my blog:

"Amy Guth" (I would hope)
"typewriter tattoo" (which I have, so this is a reasonable one)
"chicks bubbes" (s/he landed on a post with "bubbie" in it)
"bigmouth strikes again smiths remix" (easy one)
"naked jewish lady" (uh, sorry to dissapoint. Jewish, yes. Naked, no.)
"porn the laundry lady" (Hmm...)
"how to accept yourself" (aw.)
"accept yourself" (do you two know each other? I think you should.)
"when a girls gone wild" (the way this one is worded makes me think he isn't looking for the video, but more for a way to reel his lady back in.)
"bloggers choice award" (Hope you voted! If not, see my sidebar)
"Amy Guth married" (Checking my relationship status, are we?)
"Big mouth girls" (I smell porn, kids)
"big mouth films asexuality" (no clue)
"last minute butt-plug" (!)


Adam Shprintzen said...

Which begs the question, what situation necessitates a last minute butt plug? Like oh shit, it's my wife's birthday and I nearly forgot to buy her that butt plug she always wanted. Who will ship overnight butt plug delivery?

Amy Guth said...

Right?!? Or, like "Damnit, X is en route and I left my butt plug at Z's house! What can I use?!?"

Leah in Chicago said...

That was the same one I wanted to comment on... I mean... would a last minute one be made with a store bought potato? but a well planned one would be with one grown in your garden?

Not that potatoes are exactly the right material.. I'm just saying...

Adam Shprintzen said...

New rule...if one plans on using a butt plug, make sure it is well-discussed, agreed upon and organized in advance. Otherwise, you are just asking for trouble.

miontorus said...

Of course, I did a search on "einstein in captivity" and ended up on this blog. Who would have guessed that after The Theory of Special Relativity, he'd be forced to go on a book tour promoting black holes... err, butt plugs.

Wil said...

I detect a whole new post in the making. "Cucumbers As Last Minute Butt Plugs ... Pickles, Anyone?"

Imagine the disappointed Googlers that are landing here because of this thread!

jewgirl said...

re: porn the laundry lady, if that isn't a porn, it seriously needs to be right now.

last minute butt plug, how does that work exactly? like, how can you be in a "need to get ass fucked" jam?