Mar 4, 2007


Purim was a blast. Irish Ho and I sipped, stayed for the whole Megillah, shook our groggers, howled to see the rabbis in drag as they did a mock American Idol thing as the Dreamgirls (oy-- and I understand this morning that several rabbis around town did this same theme! What's with all the drag? I love it!). We didn't costume ourselves, but entirely enjoyed the swarm of costumed kiddies around us. The little girl dressed as a bat who I made mention of last year was there again last night, this year as Superwoman. What a swell kid! Especially when she snuck up behind us last night and clobbered us both on the head with her inflate-a-bats, giggle-shrieking at her own cleverness. Too cute.

Anyway, today everyone I know is either very sick, very hungover from last night, very out of town, has probably already had their fill of me for the week, will probably have their fill of me in the coming week, or busy preparing for a simcha, so I am taking myself on a brain date. First stop The Field Museum to gawk at the Gregor Mendel genetics exhibit, then to a nice lunch, then to the bookstore. Now, that is my kind of day.

Later skaters.

PS-You know the lapel pin contest is still open. Nobody has coughed up correct answers. What gives? Here I am dying to give you guys so much loot and I can't get any takers. Sheesh.

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diane said...

I've had my fill of people at large this weekend, so I'm laying low. :) But I am glad you had a chance to cherish some Amy time!
Off now to read up on Purim...